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Red Bull

Red Bull was working on two big initiatives — the Artograph and the After Party — with a digital agency based in Brooklyn. As the agency's interaction designer, I worked with another designer and developer to create the front-end.

The Artograph allowed sponsored athletes to digitally sign autographs onto images uploaded by their fans. I designed the interface of the Artograph's management system from the athlete's POV. Athletes were able to choose a photo to sign from a list of submissions, a signature style and color and resize. If a photo included a message from the fan, the athlete could respond.

The After Party was a library of photo galleries of major Red Bull sponsored. The key feature was allowing fans to use Facebook to tag themselves or friends in a photo. I handled the UX for the dashboard, and assisted with art direction.

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Adding and positioning/resizing an autograph in Artograph.
The view after sending/publishing a signed photograph with a message in Artograph.
Wireframe of the default view of Afterparty's dashboard.