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General Assembly

To gain a better understanding for writing custom JS, I attended a great Javascript development course at General Assembly. Here are three of the many (ongoing) challenging assignments:

(1) The Financial Impact of Storms in the U.S. uses D3.js to visualize storm events from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). First I downloaded all .csv data from a URL and grouped the storms using this developer's Python script. Second I created the graphics, click states and filters using D3. After this project, I'm interested in looking at other open data to find artful and practical ways to interpret them. View its progress on Github.

(2) Feedr is an intro to working with various .json formats. It pulls in data provided by either individual news sources or a bundle like News API. My background in editorial design made this a fun beneficial project. View its progress on Github.

(3) Open Weather Map is an intro to APIs. It pulls in live data on Fahrenheit temperature, humidity, wind speed, and more. The background color changes on a blue (cold) to red (warm) scale based on the city's temperature. This may seem like a 101 project to some, but the "aha!" moments gained were many. I encourage other learners to tackle it. View the live project.

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