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Defy Media

At Alloy Digital, I was a lead designer for Smosh — one of the top-viewed comedy channels in YouTube history — to help rebuild the website and native mobile apps. The Smosh duo Ian and Anthony loved bright colors and pixel art; so we revamped the art direction. We debuted game mechanics driven by a revenue goal to rely less on ads and more on audience engagement. For example: If a user wanted to advance levels quickly, he/she can purchase more tokens. It was an interesting challenge to take on for a small team. (I actually did a short talk at a Brooklyn meetup to gain more insights.)

After the site's deploy, Alloy Digital merged with Break Media to form DEFY Media. During the transition, I worked remotely with the VP of creative services based in Los Angeles on various client and internal initiatives. Included was developing style guides for each of the 10+ properties, as their precedents lacked cohesion.

Similar work: Associated Press, Chicago Conservation Corps, Morgan Stanley, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, XFinity

One of the many front pages created for each property's style guides.
One of the many color/font pages created for each property's style guides.
From top to bottom: Masthead/navigation, game interface, game ad, and avatar decor based on a user's game level.