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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

I worked with the creative director and lead engineer at MTV/Comedy Central to design the UI for their first Windows mobile app — the Daily Show. The challenge was we were using the phone's debut launch as marketing leverage for the app's release. Therefore, our only legal reference was Microsoft's static style guide of aesthetics and functionality. Our timeline for design and development was roughly two months.

Comedy Central wanted to focus on four features: (1) Notable quotes during the episode, (2) key topics with two display options, (3) the ability for a viewer to schedule notifications for upcoming episodes, and (4) tweet about the show via Twitter hashtags/keywords.

Similar work: Associated Press, Chicago Conservation Corps, Morgan Stanley, DEFY Media, XFinity

Home screen and Quotes section.
The "list view" and the "word cloud" view of the Topics section.
The "set a reminder" views of the Schedule section.